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Student of the Month | March 2021


Our March Student of the Month 
is Pierce Willoughby from J.D. Clement Early College High School.

Willoughby is a Senior at ECHS and is described as a student who has overcome numerous challenges and obstacles and demonstrates an appreciation for others while also giving back to the community.

Several teachers at ECHS nominated Willoughby for the student of the month.

“He is one of the most outstanding gentlemen you will ever encounter,” said Dr. Gloria Woods-Weeks, the principal at ECHS. “He is so wise beyond his years. With his quiet demeanor/persona he gets involved in the total school program and demonstrates a very high level of respect for adults and students alike. When he lost his father last year unexpectedly he was able to help his mother overcome the loss by remaining focused on his academics and assuring her he would be okay and still graduate on time despite the hardship.”

Willoughby is a member of the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee. He also volunteers at local elementary schools and he is a volunteer with the Shared Equity in Economic Development program where he facilitates summer activities that involve elementary students as well. Pre/post-pandemic, Willoughby has been an active student in assisting teachers during his free time.

When asked to list three adjectives to define his best qualities, this is what Willoughby responded:

1) Optimistic: I constantly shift my focus to the bright side of life. I see the good in simple things and want to promote positive energy.

2) Self-motivated: I am very motivated to do my best in life. Whenever I am faced with a difficult task, I tell myself that ‘I can do it!’ 

3) Spiritual: I often meditate and self-reflect on ways I can improve my life; Positivity is Important to me: I assert positive affirmations and practice relaxation techniques daily. I also like to listen to music to get myself energized.

After graduation, Willoughby plans to attend college in North Carolina and pursue a career in the computer science field. He hopes to work as a software engineer after he receives his college degree.

Along with computer science, Willoughby has an interest in photography.

“My biggest accomplishment is that I have successfully navigated the Early College campus,” said Willoughby. “I have had some amazing teachers at Early College who motivated me to do my best throughout the years. I am looking forward to graduating and starting the next chapter in my life.”

We are extremely proud of Willoughby’s commitment to the community and his peers at Early College High School.