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Student of the Month | February 2021


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Student of the Month 
is Noelia Badua from The Durham Performance Learning Center.

Badua is a Junior at DPLC and is described as a student who pushes herself each semester to excel academically. Just as importantly, she pushes her classmates to excel. If a classmate arrives late, she takes time to help them catch up with the class.

Since the district has been remote, she has used her interpersonal skills and knowledge of DPLC to help build relationships with her classmates. As a Phoenix veteran, she has helped her teachers welcome new students by engaging them in warm, friendly conversation.

“Noelia has made an invaluable contribution to the culture of DPLC and continues to make us proud,” said DPLC Principal Kesha Futrell. “She is a great human being, and we are proud to call her a Phoenix.”

As a junior, Badua still has time to consider what she wants to do post-graduation, but she is certain that she wants to love whatever she ends up doing.

“A career goal I have is to love what I do,” said Badua. “Another goal is to help people as much as I can so that being said I want to be the boss. I also want to be my own boss.”

We are extremely proud of Badua’s commitment to the community and to her peers at The Durham Performance Learning Center. The Durham Public School Board of Education is looking forward to honoring her during the upcoming board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25.