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Student of the Month | February 2020

Ezekiel Williams

February 2020 DPS Student of the Month is Ezekiel Williams from Northern High School

Ezekiel Williams is a senior and student-athlete who is a powerhouse in both the classroom and on the field.

Williams is an AP Honors student who plays both football and lacrosse for the Northern Knights. His teachers describe him as “funny” and “respectful.” 

When Williams is not studying, practicing, or playing ball, he can be found participating in church activities. He is a member of Calvary Temple Holy Church in Henderson.

Northern’s International Relations teacher Kathie Davidson said, “Ezekiel Williams won my heart on Day One! He is a natural leader, a positive role model, an inquisitive student, and a lifelong learner. As an Honors and Advanced Placement student all four years, Ezekiel embodies the spirit of a Northern Knight. His accomplishments are equally impressive outside the classroom.  As a varsity football and lacrosse athlete, Ezekiel motivates, supports, and leads his teammates to victory. Intelligent, sharp-witted, caring and genuine: those qualities make Ezekiel one of the most engaging and open-minded students I have the pleasure of teaching. He knows when to be serious and never forgets to have fun! He is a Knight On the Move!” 

Williams considers being accepted to college as one of his biggest accomplishments. Although he loves playing sports, he admits to having no desire to play professionally.

Upon graduation, Williams will attend Avery University in Danville, VA, where he plans to study sociology. He is looking forward to pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Williams passion for academics, athletics, and his drive to succeed can be summed up in his motto “Slow Feet Don’t Eat.”

We are extremely proud of Ezekiel Williams’s commitment to his academic studies and community and to his peers at Northern High School. The Durham Public School Board of Education is looking forward to honoring him during the upcoming board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 27.