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Student of the Month | December 2019

Ethan Chervinko
Our December 2019 DPS Student of the Month is Ethan Chervinko from Durham Performance Learning Center (PLC)

Chervinko is a senior at PLC who is recognized as a role model among his peers and staff. He is also seen as a strong, reliable and trustworthy student who is willing to complete any task that is asked of him.

According to PLC principal Kesha Futrell, "Ethan embodied the spirit of the Phoenix since his arrival at DPLC.  He rises in every occasion, putting forth his best efforts and the very best version of himself. It has been a joy to have him as PLC student."

Upon graduation, Chervinko would like to enlist in the United States Armed Forces as a member of the Marine Corps. He also has expressed an interest in becoming an astronaut.

We are extremely proud of Ethan Chervinko’s accomplishments at PLC. The Durham Public Schools Board of Education is looking forward to recognizing him during the upcoming board meeting on Thursday, Dec. 12.