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April 2019 Student of the Month: Oscar Barbaza

Oscar Barbaza

Oscar Barbaza is the 2nd highest ranked student in his senior class with a weighted GPA of 4.5455. This accomplishment and others are because he possesses all the necessary tools to be successful: intelligence, strong work ethic, drive, talent, resilience, and social skills.
He is a member of the National Honor Society and has maintained a straight-A average in all of his classes since his 6th-grade year at DSA. He is musically talented and has been a strong contributing member of our school’s musical community in both the choral and guitar departments during his time at DSA.
Oscar has been recognized as one of the top choral musicians in the state with his selection for the North Carolina State Honors Chorus on numerous occasions and in the summer of 2018 he was selected for the North Carolina Governor’s School based on his intellectual and choral music strengths. He has performed with DSA’s Chamber Ensemble at Duke Chapel, the Hayti Center, and Durham’s Rotary Club, has been selected and performed in the DPS All-County Chorus since 6th grade, has been selected and performed at Evening of Entertainment yearly since 4th grade including solo opportunities, has performed with DSA’s Advanced Guitar Ensemble at the Dia De Los Muertos Festival and at the DPS District Jazz Day, sings in DSA’s A Capella group “Sweet and Low,” and has acted in several DSA theatre department productions including the musical, “Godspell” this school year. He has also played on the DSA’s Men’s Varsity Soccer team which went to the state playoffs two years in a row.
Oscar values his education and the opportunities he has had in the Durham Public Schools and at Durham School of the Arts and he is looking forward to continuing these pursuits next year at Brown University.

“Ever since I first taught Oscar in the sixth grade, I noticed the ‘Barbaza Effect.’ In short, the Barbaza Effect can be described as the intangible qualities of Oscar’s presence that rub off on anyone around him in a learning space. He has the unique ability to connect with and gain the respect from, students across all demographics and backgrounds. Oscar did not win this reputation simply by being smart, or talented; he earned this reputation by being an empathetic, compassionate and an earnestly genuine human being in the presence of his peers.” - Mr. Sean Grier – his former DSA choral director

Oscar Barbaza and Family