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DPS March Student of the Month: Bryan Ferman-Martinez

Bryan Ferman-Martinez - March 2019 Student of the Month

Bryan Ferman-Martinez is the model New Tech Scholar! Bryan was selected as DPS Student of the Month because of his demonstration to set attainable goals as a high school and college student. He performs very well in his New Tech High School classes, and in his Durham Tech courses, currently maintaining a 3.5 cumulative GPA.
When in class Bryan offers assistance to his peers and is often found asking thought-provoking questions that prompts positive dialogue between him, his peers and instructors. Bryan aspires to become a graphic designer and to continue his post-secondary education at North Carolina State University. In an effort to discover more about the world of graphic design he has taken extra steps to locate a graphic designer on Durham Tech's campus to interview about her role as the graphic designer for the college, what the job requires, and how he can successfully make his mark in this growing field. His pursuit of excellence is evident as he has decided to take on the challenge of earning an Associate in Science degree and a Software Fundamentals Certificate from Durham Tech before he graduates high school. Bryan's soft demeanor is well respected among his peers and instructors.
In his spare time, Bryan enjoys using Photoshop to edit single still images, and Adobe After Effects, a program that allows you to edit videos while adding effects to them. He credits his decision of wanting to become a graphic designer to his instructor at New Tech, Mr. Cedric Wright. Bryan says that being introduced to graphic design through Mr. Wright's Game Art & Design courses at New Tech expanded on his growing imagination, and begin to present new opportunities for careers that he didn't believe were even imaginable. We are so very proud of Bryan!