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DPS September Student of the Month: Maya Ryder

September Student of the Month

As City of Medicine Academy’s senior class president, Maya Ryder is very conscientious, dependable and never appears stressed or frazzled despite her many obligations and school work.  Maya has been named the Durham Public Schools Student of the Month for September.

Maya’s service extends beyond the student government association.  She is the co-president of the Student Services club and a member of the National Honor Society.  In 11th grade, Maya was the junior class president and president-elect of the Students of Service club.

As someone who always desired to enter the medical profession, Maya chose to attend City of Medicine Academy because of its focus on the healthcare industry and the great partnerships the school has with Duke Regional Hospital.

“I am really glad I’ve been at CMA for all four years of my high school career,” said Maya. “I know that I have been able to experience so much more with the medical industry than if I had attended a traditional school.”

Growing up with and helping care for an older sister with cerebral palsy and epilepsy informed Maya’s desire to pursue a career in pediatric medicine.  Right now, she’d specifically like to become a pediatric neurologist. She said the specialty might change, but not her desire to work with children.

When asked what advice she would give an incoming high school freshman, Maya said they should take their classes seriously from the very beginning and care about getting good grades. “I know I didn’t realize how much the grades you get at the beginning of high school impact your overall GPA. Even though I have a 4.2 GPA now, I know I could have had a better one if I had applied myself more in my first year.”

UNC-Chapel Hill is Maya’s first choice, but she will also apply to N.C. State University, the UNC-Charlotte and N.C. A&T.