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Student of the Month | March 2024 | Zoe Rollins


Zoe Rollins speaks candidly about the internal conflict she’s experiencing as she explores her life’s options after high school. She feels pulled between loyalty to her family and the expectation to stay home and assist with raising her little sister and her desire to see the world for herself. 

“Zoe deserves this recognition because the opportunity to be who she desires is important not only to her, but to her friends, her teachers, and most of the people who meet her…She needs to see the opportunity materializing in front of her. She needs to see a manifestation of support to see that her goals are achievable, but she’s entering uncharted waters,” said her Early College principal Dr. Lori Bruce.

Zoe knows she can persevere because her father has told her so.

“My dad has made an impact on my life through his work ethic and unwavering temperament. I've never known my dad to give up on anything he put his mind to. Despite losses, disadvantages, and more, he has reminded me countless times that I can see anything through, and find value in the experience,” Zoe said.

So, armed with her achievements, determination, and her father’s moral support, she has created a timeline of ambitious goals: complete her last two years of college; take a gap year to network, volunteer, and study for the LSAT; and, attend law school in the following year. She’d also like to become licensed in real estate. Although a self-described introvert, she wants to travel so that she can experience people from different walks of life. 

Right now, she’s deciding between Howard and NCCU for higher education matriculation. And Howard will happen regardless, she says. “If I do not attend Howard now, I can always attend at a later time, undergrad won't be the last time I walk across a stage.” 

Her studies have a purpose, she says.

“The biggest thing I want for my career is for it to be useful for others. I want to graduate law school at the top of my class, I want to be a sponsor for class action suits and people who want to fund projects that could better the world around them.” 

Whatever she puts her mind to doing, she plans to do it well and make a difference. Her belief in herself is her driver.

“It is one thing to hear from other people that you can do something, and it is otherworldly to believe it for yourself. My biggest motivation is the belief that if I put my best foot forward (whether it be for a lemonade stand and food drive or rocket science and neurosurgery), I can succeed, and be able to create more positivity in the world, because we need it,” she said. 

Her understanding of humanity's need for one another has fueled her desire to connect with others and she has adjusted to meeting people regularly. 

“I don't love talking to new people but I'm glad that I'm now more appreciative of getting to meet and connect with others from different walks of life,” she said.

She knows that her goals are tall orders and she is learning how to manage her time.

“A challenge I'm experiencing is finding time for everything I need to do without burnout. A lot gets thrown on you once you hit junior year and it becomes hard to manage.”

Nonetheless, there are some activities she enjoys and for which she finds time, one of which she has enjoyed, much to her surprise: internships. She said she’s had about three this past year.

She said her personal favorite is the Black Automotive Media Group for HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). She also enjoys attending certain events at her church. She wrote, directed, and performed in one of its plays for the Christmas program last year.

“It was really cool,” she said.

Admittedly, she’s made a number of other really cool accomplishments and looks forward to more. 

“My biggest accomplishment is being able to say I've done so many great things such as getting trophies for spelling bees, writing stories, getting scholarships, volunteering at a daycare, and yet the best is still yet to come.”