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Student of the Month | March 2024 | Andre' Roberson


It would bode well for Durham Public Schools to remember the name Andre Roberson for he's, set his sights on a career in broadcast journalism and is well on his way.

The Middle College High School Senior will be a member of the school’s first class of Super Seniors in grade 13 during the 2024-2025 school year. During that time, he plans to complete an Associate in Arts toward the pursuit of a degree and career in journalism. 

Andre is an active member of his school and home communities. He is a Maverick Ambassador and has participated in several of the school’s recruitment night events. His principal, Crystal Taylor-Simon, says that he has a way of sharing his story that helps new and potential families understand the impact that Middle College could have on their future. He’s currently a part of the Durham Bulls Explorer Post 50 program which allows him a unique opportunity to gain experience in the field of television broadcasting. Durham Bulls Explorer Post 50 is supported and sponsored by the Durham Bulls, Fox 50 and Capitol Broadcasting Company. In addition to his high school classes, his ambassadorship, his internship and his social life, he still finds time to participate in athletics by participating in the North Carolina FC Recreation Soccer Team. 

“Andre is a remarkable student who is always willing to help others in his school and his community. We are thankful that Andre made the choice to come to Middle College and we can’t wait to hear about all of his success once he graduates,” said Taylor-Simon. 

Andre has made an impact on Middle College, and he credits his father as an influence. 

“He's coached and supported me in all my decisions, and takes the time to teach me the little things that I'll need when I'm older, like changing a tire. I always know I have him to go to if needed,” he said. 

Andre dreams of attending UNC-Chapel Hill, but has also explored Queens University in Charlotte, NC and UNC-Greensboro.

His career goal leans heavily toward broadcast. “However, I feel I would be happy to do anything in journalism, like writing or something behind the scenes,” he adds.

When asked what motivates him, he replies: “My biggest motivator is my future, and fear of failing. Every time I think of what I'm going to do in the upcoming years, I feel a spark that makes me want to work harder. Along with that, if I ever feel lazy, the fear I have of failing will snap me out of it.” 

Andre has learned how to couple his resources with grit. He said he faced a major challenge last semester when his academic performance hit “on a bad note. I didn't do great on the first few quizzes or the first exam, but I went to a few office hours and studied with a friend, and ended up doing really well in the class.” 

And then there are the high notes.

“A success I had was winning the championship with my soccer team 2 years ago. We had a lot of fun during the tournament, and the win made it all worth it,” he said. 

He’s played soccer for an NCFC club team for about three years.

Soccer is an outlet for him and an opportunity to demonstrate his team skills. “I love playing soccer…and I really enjoy playing it with my teammates. I also love racing, and often do sim-racing leagues in my free time.”

Andre’s ambition and accomplishments are ever-expanding, and he is grateful for all of it. Being named the district’s Student of the Month is a treasure he highly values.

“My biggest accomplishment is probably this student of the month nomination. Being the sole person picked out of thousands in this district makes me feel really special, and I am going to cherish it for a long time, he said.