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Student of the Month | January 2024 | Chasity Adams

Senior Chasity Adams plans to attend Appalachian State University’s “amazing nursing program” to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse. She believes the campus’ natural environment and scenery would suit her well and even moreso, she enjoys taking courses on the topics of anatomy.


But what she says she truly enjoys is “the presence of babies,” so her goal is to be a NICU nurse, which has been her dream since middle school.


“I really enjoy the presence of babies and I love taking care of people. It’s a part of my love language,” she said. 

Love is a trait that drives Chasity.

“If you look at Chasity's grades as a freshman and her grades throughout the rest of her high school journey it almost appears as if you are looking at two different students, and in a way you are. In her essay she details her struggles with depression after the death of her brother. Chasity speaks to losing her way after such a devastating loss. She also speaks to how being baptized on her birthday in 2021 gave her new direction and a desire to succeed,” said Shara Settle, school counselor.

Chasity has remained on the A/B honor roll since her sophomore year. She challenged herself with honors and AP courses and participated in the Femmes Program with Duke University, as a Hub Farm Intern here in Durham, and with the Future Generation Investors program.

She credits a cousin for influencing her positively.


“My cousin has made an impact on my life because she has always been by my side, motivating even when I was at my lowest. She keeps encouraging me that despite my family's shortcomings that I can still go to college and become a nurse as I dream,” she said.


She aspires to be matriculate to college to become a nicu (neo-natal intensive care unit) nurse. 


“I have always wanted to be a nicu nurse since middle school…I really enjoy courses surrounded around the topics of anatomy, biomedicine, and public health. I truly love learning about the human body, how complicated but awesome it is.”


And she is determined to attain her goals.


“What motivates me is God. Knowing I have Jesus with me every day keeps me going and striving towards the dreams He's placed on my heart. Also, my driving desire to change and impact people lives in a good way pushes me every day,” said Chasity.


She pushes herself as well, and says her biggest accomplishment is obtaining all A's during her junior and current senior years while taking AP and honors courses.

Her perseverance is what sets her apart, says Settle.