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Students of the Month | October 2023 | Stephen Fisher

Stephen Fisher

Stephen Justice Fisher has decided that whatever he chooses to be or do, he’ll do with excellence.  The scholar-athlete is a senior at Northern High School who gives credit to his father for being his life coach. Stephen says his father helps him remain focused.


“My dad has made a huge impact in my life as a young, Christian, black man. He has constantly provided me with words of wisdom and encouragement from his personal experiences.  He has been my coach in every sport that I played, even on the flag football team when I was in elementary school. He pours into my life skills that will help me in every aspect of life.   He’s helped shape my beliefs and helps build my character by teaching me the Word of God,” he said.


He used those life skills during COVID when it was tempting to take classes from his bedside or keep his camera off.  But he knew that getting up, turning on his camera, and giving his studies his undivided attention would pay off.


“This helped me to stay focused on what was being taught and to participate in class discussions as much as possible. I also started playing on the Varsity football  team during my freshman year and it helped me to build relationships with my teammates  and coaches and also kept me on my toes to perform well in the class and on the field,” he said.  His entire family was at home together during the pandemic shutdown, and Stephen says it allowed them to spend family time together, which he says is one of his favorite pastimes.


Stephen, captain of both his football and track teams, also enjoys being a positive influence on his peers and bringing exhortation messages to the youth of his church. His Northern High School teachers and administrators agree that he is a motivational force.


If he were an actual Knight, says his assistant principal Tunisa Rucker, he’d be at the head of the round table.


“Justice is a one-of-a-kind leader.  He treats individuals with respect and encourages them to achieve at their highest level.  He is always seeking opportunities to help the members of hsi team and community.  He excels at helping others to achieve their fullest potential,” she said.


Stephen also serves as a student advisor for Peer Group Connections, which connects him with underclassmen to provide them with strategies for school success.  He is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


Assistant Principal Rucker adds, “He is always encouraging to others and remains humble when he achieves his success.”


Stephen hasn’t decided where he wants to attend school after graduation but he will definitely continue his education, he says. He’d like to do that at a D1 school, he says.


“I want to learn as much as I can, do my job in a spirit of excellence, be a positive role model, and be able to help others and bring them up.”