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Student of the Month | September 2023 | Meeki’eel Archie

Meeki'eel Archie

MeeKi’eel Archie has learned how to separate work and play, forging a path that has strengthened his confidence and placed him on an upward trajectory. The Durham School of Technology scholar plans to pursue computer science in college, possibly at NC State. So even though he’s leaning toward a technology-oriented career, he exercises discipline to put his devices away on weekdays and use them only on the weekends.

MeeKi’eel says his family motivates him. 

“My whole family has impacted my life because they always encourage me to continue to be a good student and person, and their support of course has also pushed me in school and life.”  But he’s also a self-starter: his desire to be successful and live a “nice, peaceful life” is a driver. He prefers being outdoors, playing basketball with his twin brother, and enjoys playing video games.

He says being named DPS’ Student of the Month and winning a middle school track meet are two of his greatest accomplishments.  Running track was the first sport he played, an experience which he describes as “cool.”

At DST, MeeKi’eel is lauded for his character.

“At our school, we have made character a strong part of our culture. Daily, our students are strongly encouraged to: treat peers and teachers with the utmost respect, be present, prepared and on time, be resilient academically, turn from distractions while embracing opportunities and always be at the right place at the right time doing the right things. We call these our DST-5, Meeki`eel Archie characterizes each of the expectations to the fullest, he is an absolutely wonderful young man. He is the sweetest kid, great spirit, and an absolute pleasure,” said School Counselor Whitney Ross-Gunter.