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Summer Opportunities for AIG Students at Duke

Artificial intelligence (AI) Immersion Program

Augmented Reality (AR) Immersion Program

Bias and AI Program

 Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are hot topics these days, particularly with Apple’s arrival in town and hiring 1,000 people in their AI and AR groups. Here’s your chance to take a quick dive into one or both of them through free week-long, virtual immersion programs hosted by Duke. They will be held from 10-11:30 AM with lots of hands-on opportunities. Here are the links for the AI Immersion Week and the AR Immersion Week.

 If you are interested in history, you are also invited to apply to the John Hope Franklin Young Scholars program. Students in this program study hidden history and create a capstone project each year. They have written a play, a hybrid graphic novel/biography, created a mobile app, broadcast interactive history of medicine shows, produced a puppet show, and this year wrote a children’s book on young activists that incorporates AR. Next year the focus is on historical bias and will culminate in creating an AI program. Here is the link to the Young Scholars program flier.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

David Stein

Duke Education Technology Partnership Coordinator