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DPS Celebrates Custodial Services Week

Custodial Services Week

DPS celebrates Custodial Services Week! This week, we are taking the time to celebrate the heroes that keep our schools safe and clean every day. Below, we are highlighting some of our superstar custodians in the district!


Antoinette Kornegay, Deidre Green and Michael Harrell

Antoinette Kornegay - Lead Custodian, Jordan High School

“Antoinette is very relatable and goes above and beyond to get the job done.  This summer, she navigated the task of summer cleaning at a very large school.”  


Deirdre Green - Lead Custodian, Creekside Elementary School

“Deirdre’s passion and commitment to providing high-quality custodial service shows at Creekside.  The students and staff are her number one priority.” 


Michael Harrell -  Lead Custodian Hillandale Elementary 

“Dedicated to his work…he always gives his best to keep Hillandale clean…a tireless worker. His leadership in the building has been both patient and effective.  His support of the building is consistent and always with excellence.” 

Cynthia Gonzalez, Sarah Thompson, and Kenric Singleton

Cynthia Gonzalez - Lead Custodian Lakewood Elementary

“Very independent…always one step ahead, and she is a very responsible person with her work.”


Sarah Thompson, Lead Custodian, Y.E. Smith. 

“Outstanding employee who always takes pride in her work, and is respectful of her colleagues.” 


Kenric Singleton, Lead Custodian, Lakeview Elementary. 

“He is very dependable and always willing to help out in any school when needed. He never says no.”

Custodians Day 3

Francia Patricia Salazar A., Lead Custodian at the Whitted School

“I grew up in a family of educators, whose ancestors taught me that all jobs are important and must be done with love, planning, and dedication. I love watching the new generations grow up and I love my work at the Whitted School, where children with special needs give me a life lesson every day.”


Angie Burnette - Custodian at Hillside High School 

“The staff at Hillside is my second family and the students call me Ma Angie. It  is a pleasure for me to see the students come into the school as freshman and mature in front on my eyes. I appreciate that they feel comfortable with me to ask for advice, directions to different places in the school and that they feel the same pride that I do in keeping their home away from home clean and presentable.  Some of the students that have graduated still come to see me when they are in town from college. Where else can you work and be treated in a dignified manner no matter what your job title is?  I share that Hornet pride.” 


Phillip Hargis, Custodian at Jordan High School

“He is a hard worker and never misses a day. He does a great job helping keep Jordan High School safe and clean, and he is an awesome team player!”

Ana Galdamez, Mario Bermudez, Lucia Lopez

Ana Galdamez from Lead Custodian at Spring Valley Elementary.

“She is a hard worker and loves her Spring Valley family. She works long hours on occasion to ensure the school is ready at all times. Teachers have said that she is always working and never wants to stop. They have also said their school would not look as good as it does without her leadership and the staff's hard work.”

Mario Bermudez, Lead Custodian, Merrick-Moore Elementary School

“His continual efforts and his keen eye to detail are just two attributes that make Mr. Bermudez a success.  His commitment to the students and administration at Merrick Moore make it a pleasurable place to visit.  He is well liked by all administrators and teachers and especially the students.” 

Lucia Lopez, Lead Custodian, Little River Elementary

She always goes the extra mile to help her co-workers in other zones, working extra duties on weekends, and helping to complete summer work at several schools.”