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Magnet Applications

Eligibility Requirements
Applications submitted outside of the eligibility requirements below will be deemed ineligible upon determination.

  • The person submitting a magnet school/program/pathway application must be the parent, legal guardian/custodian or applicant (18 years of age or older).
  • The parent, legal guardian/custodian or applicant (18 years of age or older) must maintain a continuous domicile status (permanently residing) in Durham from the date of application submission to be eligible to submit a lottery application for a student (except those applying for Middle College at Durham Technical Community College, who are eligible for enrollment in Orange County or Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools).

Step 1.
Create an online account with your e-mail address and password or phone number and password, or log back into your previous account at

Please note that because text messaging is limited to a maximum number of characters, you will need a valid email address for the parent/guardian contact section of the application to receive full communications and possible attachments.

Step 2.
If your student is a current DPS student, you may opt to enter his/her PowerSchool Student ID Number to pre-populate the student/parent information fields, or you may manually enter these data fields.

Step 3.
Select a maximum of 3 Magnet Schools/CTE Pathways, ranking them in priority order. Review the highlighted red text under each selection, outlining the lottery priorities (sibling, priority zones, program links, and base school priorities), bell schedule and transportation services. This information may impact your school/program selections and the order in which you rank them for the lottery.

  • Applicants who are eligible to receive a lottery priority must rank the school/program as their first choice in order to receive the priority. Failure to do so will forfeit the priority during the lottery process.

Step 4.
Complete the parent information and signature page, and submit your application(s) by the published deadline. Changes may be made to application(s) until the January 31, 2019, 5 pm deadline. No exceptions.