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DPS Wellness Wednesday

This Wednesday, August 19th, will be our first district-wide Wellness Wednesday! Durham Public Schools will launch their Wellness Hub Wednesday morning. Families will be able to go to to access four different wellness partnerships that will provide weekly, on-demand content. The Hub will have video activities for healthy eating, outdoor education, yoga+mindfulness, and soccer skills.

The Southwest Wellness Team is also excited to meet with students tomorrow on our first Wellness Wednesday!  The first week will serve as an orientation to Wellness Wednesday, and we look forward to sharing more district and school resources that can be used by our students in the future.  

Our first Wednesday will consist of grade level wellness meetings scheduled in the morning after students finish with their classroom teachers.  (Students should report to their classroom teacher from 8:00am-9:30am each Wednesday.) At tomorrow’s wellness meeting, we will share details about our Southwest Choice Board which highlights various optional wellness activities that students can do independently. Meeting times for Southwest students on Wednesday, August 19th are listed below:

  • Students in Kindergarten/1st - 9:30am
  • Students in 2nd/3rd -10:00am
  • Students in 3rd/4th - 10:45am

Your child's classroom teacher will be sending out the Zoom link