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Newest Durham school named Lyons Farm Elementary School to honor the history of the area

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During Thursday night's school board meeting, board members voted and approved to name the district’s newest school Lyons Farm Elementary School which will be built on land that was purchased nearly a decade ago off of Scott King Road.

The 50+ acres was once owned by the Lyons, whose family leased portions of it out to tobacco farmers. Through post-reconstruction and much of the 20th Century, the Lyons family fought legally, emotionally, and sometimes physically to keep their land and protect their livelihood. Through their farm, the Lyons were one of many African American families that contributed to the growth and economic opportunities for Durham.

The name "Lyons Farm Elementary School" was chosen after nearly 700 community members weighed in on what the name of the new school should be; all were taken into consideration.

Lyons Farm Elementary School will be located in Southern Durham, an area where there is an urgent need for additional elementary school seats to relieve crowding and provide equitable opportunities for all DPS students, present and future.

We hope by selecting a name for the school that honors the family that once owned the property, we are capturing the importance of the past, present, and future of the area and its infinite possibilities.

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