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Assessments Update

CASE Benchmark Testing MOY (Middle of Year) 3rd, 4th, 5th grade that was scheduled Dec. 8th to Dec. 18th has been cancelled by the DPS.

i-Ready Progress monitoring for K, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 will occur starting Monday, Dec. 7th. The day your child does the assessment will be determined by the child’s classroom teacher. Progress monitoring is a short assessment.

i-Ready MOY (Middle of Year) Diagnostic will take place as follows: Reading - Thursday, Jan. 7th & Friday, Jan. 8th;  Math – Monday, Jan. 11th and Tuesday, Jan. 12th. The diagnostic takes longer than progress monitoring.


Reminder to Parents:

The lessons provided by i-Ready (after your child has been assessed) are determined by their performance on the test. That is why it is crucial that your child is not assisted by anyone during the assessment. If the score they receive is not correct, the program will be assigning them work that they may not be able to do. The program is designed to meet a child at their level and determines what skills they may need extra work on. Please contact Mr. Robert Lavender with any questions at 919-560-2695 or send an email to

Robert Lavender
(919) 560-2695