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The Enrichment Team has created several arts opportunities for students to participate in to keep their bodies healthy and moving and keep their brains creating. Please know that these are all options for your children but not required. We encourage students to give them a try, particularly when boredom creeps in! Below are the access codes and platforms we are using. 


Students from all grade levels can find daily drawing prompts and weekly art activities by visiting our Google classroom.  I will post our drawing topic every morning.  Our weekly projects are added on Tuesdays and are due the following Tuesday.  Students are not required to complete any of the assignments but I always LOVE seeing what they create and sharing their work with our school community.  

 The access code for our Google classroom is 74qxnp2.  

You can also find our weekly projects on my personal website by visiting  Simply click on the “Art Projects for Home” link and scroll through the lessons (no need to log in).

Daily drawings and projects can be shared with me by uploading to Google classroom or by sending them through Class Dojo.  You can also e-mail images to  Please reach out if you are having trouble accessing our Google classroom and I will do my best to assist you!  I look forward to seeing more of our amazing SRE student masterpieces!

Mrs. Murphy 


After working around with the different platforms, I have decided to do weekly "Stay Active" prompts for all students every Monday through Class Dojo on the SRE school story. I will also be connecting videos to follow along with to keep students active in these ever changing times every Wednesday. In the coming week, look for a Google Classroom code that will have short mini choreography prompts for K-2 and 3-5 to be completed at the students' pace. If you have access, I would love to see what students have created and that can be sent via Dojo or email at Let me know if you need any help and as always keep moving!

Ms. Raleigh 


All music materials and assignment can be accessed through Google classroom using the class code c5o64k. New weekly lesson bundles, which will include a mini lesson along with materials/assignments to supplement the lesson, will be posted on Tuesday mornings by 9am.

Ms. Bailey


Grades K, 1, 2, and 4 will have a weekly assignment posted on Mondays to their homeroom class Seesaw account. If you would like to share your work with me, please send directly to me in a ClassDojo message or post to the Seesaw blog for your class.

Grades 3 and 5 have Google classrooms which will have a weekly assignment posted on Mondays. The class code for 3rd grade is jefavbc. The class code for 5th grade is w2nn3up.

Ms. Wike 

Again, none of our assignments are required but we encourage students to participate as much as they would like.  We miss you all dearly!