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Safety Patrol Schedule

Safety Patrol Reminders and November Shifts

Just some quick safety reminders for our GREAT safety patrol members.  First, you are doing an outstanding job and we are thrilled you volunteered your time. You have been patient, kind and willing to work! 

And, because we appreciate you so much, please remember these guidelines.

  1. Remember Mr. English spoke about not stepping off the curb if a car is too far away.  If the car is too far away, then turn to the teacher behind you and ask them for their help.
  2. Do not ever take students around to the side of the car where there is traffic.  Once again, ask an adult.
  3. Tell parents to have a great day each time you open the door and SMILE!

Mornings (Monday-Friday)

Brionna, Daniel, DJ, Jada, Kayla, Kwame, Noelle, and Roberto

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons

Amyrah, Emerie, Jakayla, Jaylah, Kaiden, Lisa, and LJ

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Anjouney, Brionna, Kaiden, Nataly, Samantha, and Ulyses.


Jaleh DeChesere
(919) 560-2695 ext. 69126