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Safety Patrol Schedule

September and October Safety Patrol

If your name is in bold then please make sure you are showing up for your shifts.



Monday-Friday arrive at 7:10 am. 

Members: Brianna, Brooklyn, Daniel, DJ, Kayla, Noelle, and Roberto

***Morning patrol members need to come every morning


***Afternoon patrol members have ONLY CERTAIN DAYS because we have so many.  Please go straight to the office when they call for kindergarten to dismiss.  Parents pick up by 2:35.  If they are picked up late more than three times then they will have to take a “time out” from Safety Patrol. 

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays ONLY

Amyrah, Emerie, Jakayla, Jonathan, Kwame, Lisa, and LJ.

Tuesday and Thursdays ONLY

Amyrah, Anjouney, Jada, Kaiden, Nataly, Samantha, and Ulyses


Click to find the schedule HERE

Tips to navigate Google Calendar:

Click on the search button in the top right side of the screen (looks like a magnifying glass), type your child's name, press enter. This will display only the dates/times your child is scheduled. 

Jaleh DeChesere
(919) 560-2695 ext. 69126