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Welcome Parents to 2019

January 4, 2019


Welcome Parents to 2019,


Our winter break went by quickly! I am writing this letter to officially introduce myself as Principal of R.N. Harris Integrated Arts/Core Knowledge Elementary School. It is a role that I am excited and humbled to fulfill. My previous roles at Harris were as a 4th grade teacher, MTSS Facilitator and as of recent, Assistant Principal. In all, I have served our school community for over 18 years. Students that I have taught are now bringing their children thereby gifting them with the R.N. Harris experience. I view my work at Harris as a labor of love. My role is not only to ensure that they are educated but are loved in the process. Our commitment to nurturing our students is what sets our school apart from the others.


I have come to know many of you by serving in these different capacities. Each role has given me a different perspective on caring for and our growing students. Over the years, as a fourth grade teacher, I gained a keen understanding of curriculum and what it takes to move students. As a classroom teacher, I always strove for excellence because I knew that each student was capable of achieving. Students rose to the challenge and achieved excellence. This expectation will continue as I serve as principal. My role as MTSS Facilitator afforded me the opportunity to extend that belief on a greater scale to students, staff, and parents. My short tenure as Assistant Principal again was an extension of what grew from my years as a classroom teacher and facilitator.


I strongly believe that the relationship that I developed with my parents was a key factor in my students achieving excellence academically and behaviorally. My parents trusted my decisions and I theirs. We developed a partnership that led to student success. Relationships take work. I will be putting forth an even greater effort to establish and strengthen my relationship with you. As principal, I ask that you do the same. Strong parental relationships provide a foundation for a successful school.


We are a family. It is a family that I have been fortunate to be a part of for many years. This sense of family is a unique part of our school culture. My door will always be open to you, my parents. I KNOW that together we will continue to SOAR as a school community. Thank you for the commitment that you have shown thus far.






Mshinda Brown