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From The Counselor's Desk

From the Counselor’s Desk

Wow, can you believe 2019 is here?!

As the holiday comes to an end and we prepare for the upcoming New Year here’s a few tips from Dr. R. Quaglia for Getting in “SHAPE!”

S Share knowledge, strengthen skills; seek new learning opportunities, spend time wisely, stay in school; show confidence

H Hero: Become one for your child; Help maintain healthy environment; Help children become great decision-makers

A Accept consequences for their actions; Attend to your child’s needs and academic progress; Accomplishment- keep your child working at something until it is accomplished; Assign responsibility

P Parenting skills should not stop…give respect, get respect. Purchase learning materials and use them. Plan learning activities

E Encourage independence; Eliminate the fear of failure; Explore career opportunities; Enhance the quality of your child’s academic and individual growth; Education: Live it; Love it; Learn from it

Let’s make 2019 AMAZING!!

 Q. Pryor

RN Harris School Counselor