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Sick Child-Parent Options

Sick Students

Please do not send your child to school sick. If a student has a fever, sore throat, upset stomach, vomiting, or other COVID-like symptoms keep them home. If a student comes to school and alerts staff he or she is not feeling well a parent, guardian, or emergency contact will be called to come pick up the student. If a student goes home for not feeling well or is at home sick, there are three options that must occur before the student may return to school:

  • Option 1 – The parent/guardian takes the student and siblings(s) to get tested … the student(s) may return 24 hours no symptoms and documentation of a negative official Covid-19 test (not a home test).
  • Option 2 – The parent/guardian takes the students and sibling(s) to the doctor … The student(s) may return within 24 hours no symptoms and a cleared doctor’s note.
  • Option 3 – The parent/guardian says they cannot take the student and siblings(s) to the doctor or to get tested, then the student(s) along with any siblings must be quarantined (10 days) and may return to school on the 11th

If your child is sick or absent due to not feeling well, please alert the school immediately by dialing 919-560-3964 and ask for an administrator.

**Health Department Covid-19 Hotline—919-635-8150 – Anyone may call for any COVID- related questions as well as to get testing locations.