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Weekly Message for the Week of 6/1/20

Hello Parkwood Families – This is principal Anna Rusconi with your weekly message.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend! Last Friday marked the end of our Google classroom assignments and our grade level Zoom office hours. Thank you so much for engaging in virtual learning with us at Parkwood!

I wanted to update you all on final grades for our students and how that information will be disseminated. For elementary students, teachers will include comments regarding progress through the year, as well as the standards that have been presented during the school year. Final Grades and feedback will be available online via the PowerSchool Parent Portal on Thursday June 11th. For more information about the PowerSchool Parent Portal, visit the DPS website and go to the Homebase tab under Programs and Services. For those who do not have internet access or are unable to access your child’s grades online, you may also contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly to review progress over the phone.

I have scheduled each grade level to have a certain day and time for families to come to Parkwood to pick up items that they may have left in their classrooms prior to the school closure. This will be a drive through system and no family member or students will be able to get out of the car. Cars will follow the normal car rider line route. Students who have completed the paper packets for Phases 1, 2, or 3 may drop them off at their assigned day/time when they come to pick up their items. Any items not picked up after June 11 will be disposed of. The days/times are as follows:

The days/times are as follows:

Tuesday June 9: Kindergarten/Pre-K (9am-11am) and 1st grade (1pm-3pm)

Wednesday June 10: 2nd grade (9am-11am) and 3rd grade (1pm-3pm)

Thursday June 11: 4th grade (9am-11am) and 5th grade (1pm-3pm)

As always, thank you for reading and remember, Parkwood Panthers show PRIDE!