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Wilderness Wellness Wednesdays

From the Desk of Stephen Mulllaney- Outdoor Adventure Eductation Coach/ Mentor


On Wednesday, September 9th Merrick-Moore kicked off our Wilderness Wellness Wednesdays.

Both students and staff did a fantastic job.  

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Students were highly engaged, actively participated in lessons, asked deep questions, and displayed synthesis of learning connecting classroom content to the learning adventures they were on outdoors.

Whether teachers were using lessons they personally prepared, or lessons provided for them, they had students engaged in learning.


Both students and staff were asked to leave their comfort zone and the results were beautiful.

Our Wilderness Wellness Wednesdays are not the norm across the district.  The Merrick-Moore administrative team sought permission for Merrick-Moore to restructure our schedule to build a community that honors positive social and emotional health of staff and students.  

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As we move forward, there will be more opportunities for classroom teachers to engage with their students outdoors on Wednesdays.

Wednesday would not have been possible without the groundwork laid by classroom teachers. The work they do every day developing positive learning communities was evident in students' behavior, interactions, and love of learning.

STAY Tuned for Wilderness, Wellness Wednesday updates.

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