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Out Teach - Big Dig Event

Good Evening Friends of Merrick-Moore,


Our students and team members would like to invite you to an exciting event at Merrick-Moore.  Last year, Merrick-Moore was awarded with a $130,000 grant from Out Teach, a national organization that works to cultivate a love of learning and exploration through campus transformation projects and experiential learning opportunities.  On Tuesday, October 15th, 150 Blue Cross & Blue Shield volunteers will complete a “Big Dig” project – building gardens, science centers, and outdoor classroom spaces next to our new family center.  The “Big Dig” is just the seventh of its kind in the southeast.


Not only will this project bolster our existing outdoor education program, it will also serve as a celebration of our students’ incredible work over the past four years.  Our school community has nearly doubled its proficiency rate, met or exceeded growth every year, and decreased our suspension rate by 90% since 2016.  Because of supporters like you, the percentage of Merrick-Moore teachers who believe their community supports them has increased from 39% in 2016 to nearly 90% in 2019.  The percentage of teachers who believe that Merrick-Moore is a “good place to work and learn” has increased from 42% to nearly 100%.  We can’t thank you enough, because your time, resources, and support have helped us to transform school culture and dramatically improve outcomes for students.  We hope you are able to stop by on the 15th to witness the latest transformation project at Merrick-Moore.


Please see the official invitation below.  The Out Teach team will provide tours at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  That said, you’re welcome to stop by any time to see the construction.