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Click below for COVID-19 Flowcharts to better understand our COVID protocols and information on COVID Testing (Updated 1-11-2022):


COVID-19 Flowchart-English

COVID-19 Flow Chart-Spanish 

COVID Surveillance Testing Process-English

COVID Surveilence Testing Process-Spanish

Mako emails and texts parents directly from the information completed at registration of all student test results. If you have a received a pool positive result. Still send your pool positive student to school the next day. They will receive an individual PCR retest to determine if they are the positive case in the pool. Morehead's pool test day is every Thursday (excluding holidays and teacher workdays). Retests for pool positive students will take place on Friday morning. Mako will send those results directly to parents. 
If your student is the positive case, s/he will need to isolate for 5 days. Close contacts do not have to quarantine if they are fully vaccinated. The 3Ws are always in place (wash your hands, wear your mask, and wait socially distanced).
Due to an increase in COVID testing, results are now taking 24-48 hours to be delivered. Weekends and holidays could impact when pool positive students can be retested.