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Food Shortage Updates


As shared previously by DPS Child Nutrition and recently in the news media, there are food supply chain challenges here in North Carolina and across the nation. While DPS will need to work through a limited, disrupted menu (due to Force Majeure by contracted vendors), Child Nutrition will be able to continue to offer healthy and nutritious meals that meet and exceed guidelines and standards. Child Nutrition plans for food service are outlined below to clarify the circumstances and provide greater insight into challenges and solutions ahead.



The food supply system shortages are going to be a durable issue in both North Carolina and the United States. Currently, DPS is under food service contracts with Sysco, Foster-Caviness and receives food through USDA. This shortage directly impacts popular items like pizza and chicken.



All alternative procurement sources are being explored. Please note: Menu Planning by the Child Nutrition team will be fluid based on rolling availability of food supplies from Sysco, Foster-Caviness and other local vendors. We will need grace and understanding from both schools and families this fall, as it is simply a food supply chain crisis that has no easy remedy nor solution.


DPS Child Nutrition, led by Director Keaten, share the linked message (EnglishSpanish) to ensure that both school leadership and families understand the severe procurement constraints around food and supplies.