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Yoga For All

You may be aware that currently in all of my PE classes, I am teaching a unit on meditation/yoga. Given the climate of everything going on in our society, especially now going into the winter/holidays, simply pausing to breathe and meditate, can go an extremely long way in strengthening the mind and body. 
In this email, I am including links to great yoga resources that I have categorized for each grade level for developmental purposes. I am including the resources for all levels in case parents have children across multiple grade levels, and two, to feel welcome to have their respective students utilize other levels' resources should they wish. 
Just bear in mind that utilizing a lower/higher level's resources may be too simplistic/challenging for your child. 
Parents, and Morehead staff, you are more than welcome, and as a matter of fact, ENCOURAGED to utilize these resources too! 
Below, please find the resources: 
Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel
Alphabet Yoga
Sun Salutation
Lower El: 
Sun Salutation
Kids Yoga Class
Box Breathing
Belly Breathing: 
Upper EL
Kobe Bryant: The Power of Sleep and meditation (Definitely Recommend parents and teachers check out!)
Yoga Poses Illustrated (Definitely Recommend Parents and staff check out!)
4-7-8 Breathing Exercises (Great for Adults too!!)
Vinyasa Flow 20 min lesson
Vinyasa Flow 45 min lesson
I hope you and your students enjoy these great resources! Please, feel free to reach out to me at with any questions and/or concerns that you may have. 
Coach L (Stefan Liotchev)
Teacher PE/Health
Morehead Montessori Elementary School
Durham, NC