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Share Your Virtual Book Fair Book Recommendations

Hi Meerkats,
We've created a special website where students, teachers and families from the Morehead community can share book recommendations. Posting is easy -- see instructions below -- and we hope you will take part! This is something students can do anytime. 
Share new or old favorite books, on any topic! Your entries can be as specific or as simple as you want. Feel free to include your name at the end of your entry or not. You can also easily add images and links.

Here's the link to the site:
How to post:
1. Simply click the plus (+) button under the category where you want to post (these include Recs from Students, Recs from Teachers, etc).
2. A field will pop up. Write the title of the book and then a little something about it and why you like it. 
3. Add your name at the end if you want.
That's it! If you'd like to add images just click the magnifying glass icon under your text and a number of images will appear, including (probably) the cover art for your book.
You can also add links to the Regulator Bookshop if you want (hint: search for your book on the Regulator's site, then copy that URL into the field).
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Meaghan Hutson, 919-450-8289