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Durham Police Athletic League Mentoring Program Camps

If you’re not familiar with the Durham Police Athletic League (DPAL) they are a mentoring program that focuses on the prevention of juvenile crime using athletic, recreational, and educational activities as a platform to build relationships between kids, cops, and the community. Police officers serve as mentors and coaches promoting positive attitudes, teamwork, overcoming challenges, and good citizenship among Durham youth.  Their programs are 100% free and often transportation and lunch/snacks are included.


DPAL camps available for Durham youth that are coming up over the next couple of months.  Two of these camps are for 12 – 14 year olds and one is for 8 – 11 year olds.  These dates fall on teacher workdays/early release days and are an excellent opportunity for youth to stay engaged.  Please feel free to share this with any other Durham community groups.


Parents can enroll in the DPAL program by following this link:


Online Registration needs to be completed with the primary contact’s information first.  A request will then be sent to DPAL and once approved the parent/guardian will receive a link where they can complete the registration.  The registration first collects information about the household and then any Durham youth between the ages of 5 and 18 can be entered as participants.  Once registration is complete, they can enroll in any age appropriate activity they are interested in.


Upcoming Camps:


Feb 12th 9:30am - 3:30pm
Ages:12 - 14
Drop-Off/Pick-Up at Police Headquarters (602 E. Main St.)
9:30am - Parent drop-off
10am - 11:30am - Youth vs. Seniors at Forest at Duke Retirement Community
12pm - 1pm - Lunch (provided)
1pm - 3pm - Basketball at Edison Johnson Recreation Center
3:30pm - Parent pick-up (Police Headquarters)
Contact: Officer Walkowe

March 11th 1pm - 4pm
Ages: 8 - 11
Drop-off/Pick-up at Edison Johnson Recreation Center (500 W. Murray Ave)
This is an early release day for traditional and year round schools.  Participants may arrive as they're released from school.  This camp will consist of basketball skill activities.  Snacks provided.
Contact: Officer Suitt

March 27th 8:00am - 3:30pm
Ages: 12 - 14
Drop-off/Pick-up at Police Headquarters (602 E. Main St.)
Drop-off will be at 8am.  We will travel to Duke University to watch the Duke Men's Soccer practice followed by an opportunity to interact and play with the coaches/players on the field.  We are still working on the afternoon activities, but are planning for it to include a tour of the 911 communications center and Police Forensics Lab. Lunch Provided.  Pick-up will be at 3:30pm.
Contact: Sgt. Butler