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Disability History and Pride Week 3/13-3/17/2023

This week we will spend each day talking about a different aspect of disabled identities or history. A note on language: We will be taking our cues on language from Disabled adults and will be using a range of identity first (disabled person, autistic person, Deaf) and person first (person with Down Syndrome, person with albinism, people with limb differences) language. The opposite of Disabled is Non-Disabled. Remember that disability can be permanent or temporary. Visible or Invisible. Disabled adults have asked that people stop using euphemistic language (special needs, differently abled etc.) and move to being comfortable with words like Disabled and Autistic, which should not be stigmatized. Many feel that avoiding these words increases stigma. “Nothing About Us Without Us” is a phrase that was popularized by South African Disability rights activists Michael Masutha and William Rowland. If the kids stump you, or you feel confused about something, I encourage you to model looking for a disabled person to answer your question, or saying “I don’t know”. The internet gives us so much access to understanding one another. This is also a time to look around our community and connect with one another while honoring disabilities, not avoiding them.

Feel free to contact Victoria Facelli for questions and feedback: 

Disability History and Pride Week 2023