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9/8/2020 Weekly Message from Principal Hart-Olivis

Good evening Hillandale Families,

This is Principal Hart-Olivis with this week’s message.

We hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!  

Students at Hillandale have begun to take iReady assessments online.  This assessment is designed to help us understand which skills each student has already mastered so we can help them learn better through online instruction.  If you happen to be near your student during assessments or if you have conversations about iReady, don’t be alarmed if the assessment has gotten to material that seems very challenging or too easy.  The iReady diagnostic assessment adapts to the questions students have answered correctly, so we can challenge your child appropriately once we receive the results.  If you see your child struggling, unless there is a technology issue, please allow him or her to complete the assessment independently.  Show them your confidence in their work and that the results are important for us as we teach them, but please do not assist them with the content or answers on the assessment.

Thank you to the families who reached out to us as we work to provide our specials classes asynchronously.  An overall schedule for specials can be found on our school website, under “QUICK LINKS” and “Hillandale Virtual Specials Schedule.”

We’re in the process of problem-solving for students’ and parents’ ease of use with logins.  One strategy that can work right now is for students to have a small note taped to their computer with their login information, which looks different, depending on what students are trying to access.  There are two main logins.  One logs them into NCEdCloud, which is a state-level login, and the other logs them into their Chromebook and Durham Public Schools software.  Your child’s NCEdCloud login credentials should be a user ID of ten digits and a password of Hillandale20, with the “H” in uppercase.  Your child’s login to their Chromebook and Durham Public Schools software should have a username of and the password can be shared by your child’s teacher.

Your feedback directly to us becomes action, and we need to hear what we can do to make online learning easier for our families.  Remember, your child’s teacher is the best resource for information pertaining specifically to your child, and additional answers can be found on our school website,

Families, if your child attended Hillandale last year and returned this school year, if you have not already updated your information in PowerSchool Parent Portal, including your contact information, address, and medical information for your child, please do so.  Even if your contact information has remained the same, please verify your information in the system.  It is important for both records purposes and for us to make sure you receive information from us.  Once we return to the building, this will also include crucial information for us to keep your child safe.  We have provided “how-to” information below, and as always, our data manager, Ms. Wilson can assist with issues within the system.  She can be reached at about creating an account if you have not been able to create one.

Setting up a Parent Portal Account (espanol)

As both a professional and a parent during this pandemic, I know that each child and each learning scenario can be quite different.  At Hillandale, it is important to us to keep this in mind as we strive to offer the best opportunities available for our students and families.  As we approach our Wellness Wednesday this week, even if you join your child after school hours, please try to pause and take a moment to breathe and process the day together.  Remember that the productive struggles that would usually be happening as your child learns at school, you usually would not see.  In times of instructional challenge with your child at home, it’s hard to troubleshoot instructional issues while also working.  Our staff is working hard to reach our students, and communication is key.  Let our awesome staff know if you need our support to help figure things out.  Our students are getting more independent and growing each day.  Don’t forget that together we are The Hillandale Family.

Stay up to date about important details about Hillandale online on our school website, and on Twitter and Instagram @HillandalePOWER

As always, thank you for your support, your partnership, and most of all, for being part of The Hillandale Family.