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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I sign my student up for Ignite! Online Academy?

More information about the Ignite! commitment period are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Who does Ignite! Online Academy serve?

The Ignite! Online Academy team is focused on finding the spark in each student through personalized learning and technology. We serve any student who is ready to own their learning and prepare to become a 21st century leader. You may enroll your student in Ignite! even if you are not currently enrolled in DPS (and then enroll upon acceptance). 

Students who experienced success in remote learning during COVID-19 might be particularly good candidates for Ignite! Online Academy. This is also true for families who have experience homeschooling as they would benefit from having access to the high quality curriculum resources that come complimentary with the program. Ultimately, we want to support your student as an individual. Schedule a fit interview with us here to learn more about whether Ignite could help your student thrive. 

My child is currently homeschooled. Will Ignite! be a good fit for them?

Yes, Ignite! is an excellent fit for students and families experienced in homeschooling. Students will have flexibility to learn in ways that work for them while also having the benefit of gaining from the resources available in a large district like Durham Public Schools.

Who teaches Ignite! students?

Ignite! students will be taught by highly qualified, licensed DPS teachers who are leaders in the world of online, personalized, and blended learning. Ignite! will hire teachers for several Modern Classroom Teacher positions. These staff members will receive specialized training so that they can build an innovative blended or online learning environment for their students. All students in Ignite! will benefit from the expertise of our staff. In addition to our highly qualified staff, Ignite! will give students the opportunity to learn from field experts through the use of technology. Since learning can happen anywhere with Ignite, we will provide students frequent opportunities to take “learning expeditions”. On expeditions, students will hear from experts at local universities, get outdoors to learn at the DPS Hub Farm, or take a class with a local artist. 

Is the curriculum the same as students who are in-person?

Yes, Ignite! will follow all officially adopted DPS curriculum resources and pacing guides. We will also go a step further by providing innovative curricular resources that are made for online learning and available to Ignite! students specifically.

Will my child’s teachers instruct to Ignite! students only?

Yes, your student’s core teachers in grades K-9 will be focused only on Ignite! students. Even better, your student will take synchronous and asynchronous classes with other students in Ignite! who will share a similar experience with online learning.

Will my student be able to transfer to their base school during the school year?

We are asking families to make a commitment to online learning through Ignite! Online Academy for the 2021-22 school year.

Can my child participate in sports and other extracurricular programs in DPS?

Yes, your student can participate in sports and extracurriculars at their base school if they choose. Ignite! will also offer opportunities for extracurricular engagement so that students can get to know their peers and get involved in the Ignite! community.

Will my child be in front of the computer screen all day?

No, we plan to use asynchronous learning, physical learning materials, and expeditionary/outdoor learning to supplement the technology based curriculum. Synchronous online classes will continue being offered through video conferencing software while your student has opportunities for in-person learning labs, field trips, and outdoor expeditions to ensure that learning with us truly ignites the spark of learning anywhere.

How does Ignite! support students with IEPs?

Ignite! will have dedicated staff to support children with Individual Education Plans (IEP). We will meet with families though the IEP process to determine the delivery of supplemental supports to the general education curriculum for these students.

How will Ignite! support English Language (EL) Learners?

Ignite! will have dedicated staff members to support English Language Learners. These staff members will support the formation of a Language Education Plan and work with the student’s family to provide additional supports for EL learners.

How will Ignite! support Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) students?

Ignite! will provide ample opportunity for all students to engage in rigorous academic work and hire staff with AIG certification to support our students. One of our founding beliefs is that personalized learning through technology can bring out the leader in every learner. With this in mind, we will develop advanced course modules that learners can access whether they are AIG identified or not. We will also provide cross-curricular AIG “expeditions” for students that demonstrate high levels of academic performance and potential. Finally, because we have access to a large suite of courses and curriculum materials for grades K-12, we can accelerate advanced students to a nearly limitless array of course options and support. 

Will my child lose their magnet seat if they enroll in Ignite! Online Academy?

Ignite! will be considered a choice school program. If families accept a permanent seat in Ignite!, they will need to reapply for their magnet seat for the upcoming school year.