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Reflections Contest Winner!

A picture of a young woman wearing an animal themed hooded sweatshirt.
Congratulations to Ignite 12th grader, Traci Murphy, who won FIRST PLACE on the state level for the PTA Reflections Contest in the category of Photography! We are so proud of her! Now she gets to go on to compete on the National Level.
The theme of the contest this year was "I am hopeful because..."
Traci's statement about her winning photo: 
The picture of my dog playing in the snow, even though he passed away a year ago, relates to the theme "I'm hopeful because.." as it reminds me of the joy and happiness he brought into my life. It serves as a symbol of hope because it captures a moment filled with pure bliss and innocence. Despite his absence, this image gives me hope that I can find joy even in difficult times and cherish the memories we shared together. It represents the belief that although loss is painful, there is still room for hope and happiness in the future.
Here is her winning picture!

Photo of a black and white dog in the snow with trees in the background.