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Driver's Ed Summer 2024

The following are the dates and times for the Spring and Summer classes for Driver Education.  The registration dates and times are posted for each class. Please remember, you may only register for a class at the school you are enrolled in. If you register for a school you do not attend, you will be removed from the registration. All classes meet over zoom and if your registration is accepted you will be notified once we have confirmed your registration with the class information. Students must be 14 ½ to register for a class. Payment information will be given on the first day the class meets. Links to the registrations will be on the school's website. 




Riverside High School and Ignite Academy: 



Summer Classes: 


Class:  July 8 -19th  8am - 11am
Registration:  June 22 at 9am
Class:  Aug 5th - 16th   8am - 11am
Registration:  July 20th




Evening Class Registration


Morning Class Registration