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Females and Allies Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science (FEMMES+) is an educational outreach program for students in 4th-6th grade Durham schools in pursuit of empowering women and other individuals who are underrepresented in the STEM fields. The goal of FEMMES+ is to give all students, regardless of their race, gender, ethnic background, etc. an engaging experience in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. By using college volunteers, we hope to demonstrate that all students can excel in these fields. Through hands-on engaging activities, students are able to learn in a supportive environment. We hope to build our participants’ confidence in their academic skills and to empower them to pursue their dreams. 

In this FREE 5-week after-school program, 4th-6th grade students will participate in hands-on in-person activities and programming introducing basic chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and mathematics concepts. The programming will occur in-person after school. Students will be placed in small groups with Duke undergraduate mentors who will help them with the activities and gain an understanding of fundamental concepts. Some example concepts include: --Neuroscience --Engineering --Biology --Thermodynamics --Physics Register here:


The meetings will be Thursday afternoons from 2:30-3:30.