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DPS In-Person Learning Schedules



Why will elementary students be in four days a week?

DPS is following current North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services guidance supporting Plan A in elementary schools. There will be fewer students in schools due to families choosing remote instruction, providing greater social distance than during full capacity. In addition, DHHS notes the reduced prevalence of COVID-19 spread among that age group and in smaller school populations. DPS also recognizes younger students’ greater challenges with remote learning.

Will DPS provide any after-school care options?

We will provide before- and after-school care at our elementary schools.

Will DPS provide any options for care on the day that schools are closed?

Before- and after-school care is not provided on non-student in-person days including teacher workdays and remote learning days.

Why will schools will be closed to in-person instruction one day a week?

Wednesdays will continue as asynchronous learning day for all students.  The asynchronous learning day will allow teachers time to collaborate on teaching and learning including instructional planning in their professional learning communities. Additionally, it allows for our operations team to complete district-wide inspection and restock of supplies, as well as to conduct training for its staff. 


DPS will operate under Plan B in grades 6-12. Plan B will have students in-person in three cohorts, going to campus on Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays. Students will come to school for face-to-face instruction for two consecutive days, then be out of school for virtual (asynchronous) learning on the following four days while the other two cohorts attend. On virtual days, students will check in every morning for guidance and support from their teachers, then complete assignments, collaborate digitally with peers, and communicate with the teacher through Canvas or optionally through Zoom.

Wellness Wednesdays will remain a remote learning day for all students. In-person school days are full-day; start and end times may vary. DPS is continuing to develop scenarios for cohorts in grades 6-12, and we will update families throughout the survey time period with the latest details related to the plan.

IN-PERSON teaching and learning activities

  • Build community and relationships
  • Lead interactive modeling sessions
  • Differentiate instruction for small groups
  • Personalize instruction and provide one-to-one coaching
  • Guide practice and application
  • Facilitate real-time conversations
  • Foster collaboration among students
  • Real-time feedback on work in progress


REMOTE teaching and learning activities

  • Read and take notes
  • Watch video-based instruction
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Explore teacher curated resources
  • Engage in online discussions
  • Practice and review
  • Research and explore
  • Reflect and document learning