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Sunday Announcements 03/21/2021

Great Evening Eno Valley Families

I hope that everyone is have an amazing weekend.  We made it successfully through our first week of in-person learning.  For all parents that have trusted us with in-person learning, thank you for your support and patience.  To our virtual parents, thank you for you flexibility while we worked to restart school for our in-person scholars.  Tomorrow, everyone will have the same start time.  Other reminders include:

  1. All scholars that signed up for in-person learning are expected to be in the building.  Signing up for in-person learning does not mean scholars can opt for both in-person and virtual learning as they please.  Friday there were several scholars that did not attend school but logged in virtually.  Moving forward, we will be tracking this closely.  In-person Scholars that do not have an excused absence for logging virtually may be counted absent, or lose their in-person privilege.  For questions you may reach out to school administration.
  2. This is our last week of our Give Eno a High 5 Fundraiser.  We have raised over $1000 with your support families.  Teachers are still collecting fundraiser donation at the beginning of class.  If your scholar is virtual, feel free to drop the funds off at the start of the school day.  Remember, funds will go towards purchasing additional PPE, Scholar supplies and Teacher and Scholar incentives.
  3. For all carpool scholars, remember to use the attestation application in the morning when dropping your scholar off.  The more families that are able to show us their green check upon arrival, the quicker we can get through the carpool line.

If you have questions about any of our announcements, do not hesitate to reach out.