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Sunday Announcements 12/13/2020

We have several announcements that we want you to be abreast of this week:

1. The main office will be open on Tuesday & Thursday of this week to support with computer repairs, troubleshooting, and all other logistical matters.  If you need additional support, do not hesitate to reach out to our main office to speak with an Eno Valley team member by phone.

2. This is the last week to complete the Durham Public Schools Opt-In form for in-person learning if we return to the building in January.  As a reminder, no scholars will automatically return if buildings reopen.  You have to sign up.  Even if you plan for your scholar to stay remote, please complete the Opt-In form to help us with planning.  There will be an Eno Valley Town Hall Meeting for all parents needing more information about completing the form and scholars returning to school.

3. This week is our 2020 Winter Spirit Week.  We are extremely excited to celebrate this event before break.  Tomorrow is Favorite Character Day. We expect to see all Eno scholars dressed in their favorite characters, on screen!  We have sent the flyer for the entire week via Dojo, and all of our Social Media Platforms.  If you have additional questions, please contact the main office, or your scholars teacher.

4. We are beginning to be contacted by several parents concerning self-inflicted damaged computers.  We cannot guarantee your scholar will receive another computer if they damage the one they received.  Please help us mange your scholars device so they are able to continue to log into virtual learning.

For any further questions or concerns involving the announcements, please contact our main office.