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Announcements 12/7/2020

We have several important announcements concerning our school, Eno Valley.

1. As you may be aware, our board of education has indicated that scholars may have the opportunity to return to in-person learning in January.  This is contingent upon the COVID 19 rates in Durham County falling below 4 percent.  In order for your scholar to attend in-person learning, you have to complete the Learning Preference form below.  Any families failing to complete the form will automatically continue Remote Learning.

Once again, if you wish for your scholar to return to in-person learning in January, you must complete the form above and indicate your preference.  We are emailing the form to everyone that has provided the school with a working email. We are also posting the form on our Social Media outlets and Class Dojo.  Please contact the main office for any questions.

2. The Communities in Schools Program, also know as CIS has begun operating.  There are less than 50 slots available.  CIS supports scholars with their academic needs, and provides Afterschool services and support.  The program is still functioning remotely at the moment, but will return to in-person support when schools reopen.  For more information, please contact our main office.

3. Our 3-5 Men of Honor program will be meeting this Wednesday at 3:00 PM.  We had an amazing first meeting of the year last month and we are looking to continue the momentum.  For more information, please contact our main office.

4. Parents, every scholar is still having small group sessions either right before lunch, in the afternoons, or on Wednesday's.  Please contact your  scholars teacher to see when your scholar should be meeting with their teacher for small group.  This is our opportunity to close any gaps that may persist, or provide enrichment for scholars excelling.  For questions, please contact your scholars teacher.

As a reminder, all scholars should be logging in through Canvas.  Scholars failing to log in through Canvas, especially in grades 3-5 will not be allowed into class.

If you have any questions about these announcements, please contact our main office.