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Sunday Announcement 11/15/2020

We are less than two weeks away from the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Nevertheless, it is important that your scholar continues to arrive to class on time, and  logging in through Canvas. Also, make sure their camera is on so teachers can monitor their interaction with the class.

This Thursday, we are excited to host a Parent Support Event entitled, "Parenting During a Pandemic."  We are living in unprecedented times.  We all could use support maneuvering the current climate.  This session is for all parents.  Feel free to invite someone outside of our Eno Valley Community.  We are placing a flyer in the Sunday email thread, and you will be able to find logistic on the event in Class Dojo, and on Facebook.

As scholars are gearing up for Benchmark Assessments and Progress Monitoring Assessments on iReady and other platforms, we ask that you allow your scholar to complete the assessment on their own without your assistance.  We have noticed inflated data periodically on test results which makes it challenging to gauge where a scholar truly needs help.  We value your support, but we also need to be able to accurately gauge where a scholar is academically.

If you have any questions, please let me  know.