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Sunday Annoucement 1/26/2020

Report Cards – January 29, 2020

Parents, report cards for all scholars will go home on this Wednesday, January 29.  If your scholar does not bring home a report card, please contact your scholars teacher.

PTA Meeting – January 29, 2020

Parents, we will host our first PTA meeting of the New Year this Wednesday, January 29, at 6:00 PM.  Please come out and learn of several upcoming events that PTA has planned and how you can be a part.  If you have not signed up, this will be your opportunity!

Spelling Bee - January 29, 2020

Parents, we will host our school Spelling Bee this Wednesday at Eno Valley.  We are excited about this year’s Bee and we hope that you join us.

SOARR Academy

Parents, several of our 3-5 scholars brought home forms inviting them to be a part of our SOARR Academy afterschool intervention program.  Please make sure that you check with them to see if they have received a SOARR Academy form.  If so, please return the form as soon as possible indicating whether your scholar will participate.

Changes to Transportation

If your scholar will have any changes to transportation, including afterschool programs, we must have a note from the parent indicating the change.  For questions, please contact the main office.  Please do not send the change via Class Dojo.

If you have any questions, please contact our main office.  As a reminder, school begins at 8:30 AM and doors open for our scholars at 8:00 AM.  School dismisses at 3:00 PM.  We do not allow scholars to be checked out after 2:30 PM.