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Good evening Southern SES family!  This is Mr. Leathers with the weekly update.  Tomorrow we will reach our 10th day of school and it is important for all students on our roster to attend.  


Last week was another good week for teaching and learning.  It is really important that our students lock in and give us their very best…if we are to make this the “Best Year Ever!” 


All parents,  it’s extremely important that your students’ immunization shot records are up to date and uploaded to our registration platform.  It’s the law, that all students have up to date shot records on file at the school.  Its for the safety of your student and all other students.   Our seniors are required to have their Meningococcal shot on file with the school before graduation.


We will open up the student parking for a fee and off campus privileges for juniors and seniors for a fee this week.  It is important that our students not bombard us with request to give them their parking and permission for privilege.  We are asking students to receive their application from the front office, have it completed and signed by their parents or guardian, and then they will be granted permission.


Starting Tuesday, we will start our intervention block for students to improve on their grades and to participate in clubs and activities.  Our intervention block is called Spartan Strive and it occurs daily after second period. 


Home Athletic Events this week

Wednesday, September 14th  we will host Soccer vs Granville Central HS  6:00

Thursday, September 15th  we will host Volleyball vs Carrboro HS 6:00









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