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Good evening Southern SES family!  This is Mr. Leathers with the weekly update.


I am sending this message with the hopes that everyone has had a great holiday break and we are ready for another wonderful week at Southern SES.  The first week of school got off to a good start. Our students were able to attend their class, each class had class meetings, and our students were able to receive plenty of information to get them started for this school year.  We are in the process of finalizing the distribution of laptops to all our students and we should be finished with deployment by the end of this week.


With school getting off to such a great start, there remains an unfortunate concern that we as school officials are trying to remedy as soon as possible.   We still have 3 classroom vacancies that we are trying to fill.  The vacancies are Earth Science, Physical Science, English 1, and a Self-Contain EC class.  These classes are covered by experienced educators or a substitute teacher.  Our students will study via online platforms and at times teachers will push into the classroom to provide instructional support to our students.  Thank you for your patience.


Last week, the state of North Carolina released the school performances from the previous year and we as a school have fallen into low performing.  As a school, we have started to implement our intervention plan to work towards getting Southern SES out of its low performing status.  Please rest assured that this is something that we don’t take lightly, and we will put all our minds together to get us back to a performance letter grade of C or better very soon.  Southern SES has scheduled a Data Discussion Meeting for Thursday, September 8th at 5:30 pm. in the school’s media center, if you as parents would like more details on what it means for the school being low performing and to have a discussion on how we will move our school out of this status.  I hope to see as many of our families present for the discussion.


Please let our students know that they will report to homeroom for 10 minutes, after 1st period, all this week. 


Keep in mind, school hours are 9:15 am to 4:15 pm and the doors of the school will open each day at 8:45 am. 


Congratulations to our boys’ soccer team and their victory last week over Hillside HS, to our volleyball team for their hard-fought victory over Hillside HS and Granville Central HS, and to our varsity football team for their victory over Northern HS this past Thursday.

Jerome M. Leathers


Southern School of Energy and Sustainability

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