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Notes from Ms. Cunningham about the School Board Meeting on November 19

Our school board voted 4-3 in favor of the possible return of elementary students to in-person learning as part of the school district’s Plan B recommendation for the remainder of the school year.  Our school district made a proposal for returning to school for students using a cohort A and cohort B model. This vote changed the district's plan for implementation. 

The new proposal for Implementation of Plan B now requires the following: 

  1. Remote Learning is the default plan for the remainder of the year.
  2. Families will opt-in to face to face instruction.
  3. Schools will only open for in-person instruction if cases remain below 4% for two weeks
  4. The proposed cohort model for A and B will remain as a part of the decision.

Next Steps:

  1. New timelines will be proposed
  2. December 10, the board will meet again to continue discussion of the plan and review the percentage of cases.
  3. January 7, the board will conduct another vote to begin school based on the families decision to opt-in, the percentage of cases, and updates of the plan.
  4. We will work with district leadership to create a process for families to opt-in to face to face instruction.

We still want to hear from you! Please use this google form to share questions and considerations you would like our administration to consider as we begin to plan for the remainder of the quarter and possible return to school in January. I will share more details in my Sunday update