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What's The Deal With Ticks?

Ticks can live in wooded areas, brushy fields, and virtually anywhere around your home. They survive on the blood of their hosts and can spread diseases like Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

How Do They Find Me?

Ticks can detect animals' breath, smells, body heat, moisture, and vibrations. These 8-legged arachnids often pick a place to wait by identifying well-used paths and rest on the tips of grasses and shrubs. They hold on to leaves and grass with their third and fourth pair of legs while holding their first pair of legs outstretched. When a host brushes the spot where a tick is waiting, it grabs hold with it's outstretched legs and quickly climbs aboard.

How Do I Remove A Tick?

Check your body, clothing, and gear for ticks whenever you've spent time enjoying nature. If you find a tick attached to you, find a pair of tweezers (don't use kerosene, matches, or nail polish) and grasp the tick near your skin, then pull steadily until it is removed. Be sure to clean and disinfect the area where the tick was. They're hard to squish so flush ticks down the toilet to get rid of them. Contact your doctor if you develop a rash or flu-like symptoms within the next few days of getting a tick bite.

How Do I Keep Ticks Away?

  • Treat clothing or skin with repellents.
  • Mow lawns and remove leaf litter frequently
  • Clear tall grasses and brush around your home and at the edge of lawns
  • Remove old furniture or trash from the yard as it gives ticks a place to hide.