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E-Cigarettes (like JUUL)

E-cigarettes have become trendy among teens & young adults. “Vaping,” puffing on the mouthpiece of an e-cigarette, activates a battery-powered heater that warms a solution containing nicotine & other chemicals, which then become a vapor that's inhaled. Many solutions contain propylene glycol for "smoothness," even though it is a chemical known to cause cancer when heated.

The JUUL is a newly available e-cigarette device that vaporizes a pod containing propylene glycol & nicotine salts, both of which form carcinogenic compounds when heated. One JUUL pod delivers as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes, significantly higher than other e-cigs. The JUUL comes in flavors like fruit medley & mango, and is attractive to teens who are curious but don’t want to smoke cigarettes. Recent research suggests that young people who try e-cigs are about three times more likely to try cigarettes later. It would also be easy to not realize someone near you uses a JUUL because they resemble a USB drive, recharge via USB port, & produce almost no vapor or smell.

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