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Equity Conversations


Introducing: Equity Conversations, a Creekside Learning Journey Opportunity

The Creekside Equity Team, in partnership with the School Improvement Team, invites you to join in Equity Conversations, a Learning Journey. As we take steps towards our mission to celebrate our diversity, we are constantly looking for ways for our community to learn and grow.

We will be hosting our first three equity conversations from 7-8PM on February 16, March 16, and April 20. Each of these conversations will be an opportunity to learn and grow as a community.


  • Our first three conversations will be guided by the discussion questions from the New York Times podcast, Nice White Parents, which largely focuses on a case study of one Brooklyn Middle School. The issues it raises provides a beautiful chance for reflection for all parents in all schools and provides wonderful opportunities for community learning and discussion.
    • Session 1, February 16: episodes 1 and 2
    • Session 2, March 16: episodes 3 and 4
    • Session 3, April 20: episode 5 and beyond 
  • Each of our sessions will take place over Zoom and will include smaller discussion groups designed for interaction. 
  • Learning journeys look different for everyone, we welcome all to: 
    • actively engage
    • quietly listen and learn
    • work individually outside of our conversations 
  • For additional questions or information, contact Creekside Equity Champion, Andreya Gomez.