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Wellness Wednesday

Wednesdays in virtual school is a time devoted to tending to the social and emotional needs of all students. This could look different for everyone. Each week, we will provide a variety of opportunities and in the weeks to come, some of those will include live sessions with our student support team.

  • Each week we will host two separate live sessions with a member of our student support team leading synchronous learning on a selected topic. K-2 will be from 9-9:45AM and grades 3-5 from 10:30-11:15AM. Classroom teachers will share the Zoom links with you.
    • February 24: This week's Wellness Wednesday topic is the third and final week of the "Practicing Mindfulness" series!!! :) For the past two weeks, you have learned and practiced various Mindfulness strategies that you will be able to use Anytime and Anywhere!!! :) The strategies you have learned and practiced so far, such as "5 Senses/Grounding Exercise", "Nature Walk", and "Mindful Doodling", will help you to focus in math class, to calm down when you feel frustrated as you learn how to read, and to look for the positive in a difficult or scary situation. This week you will learn and practice even more Mindfulness tools to put in your toolboxes!!! So, join us on Wednesday, February 24th, for Week Three of "Practicing Mindfulness"!!!  Remember, the more you practice, the Better you get!  And the Better you get, the more you know!
  • Additionally, our Well Team has created a tic-tac-toe choice board of social-emotional learning activities your child can choose from.
  • Finally, each week, Durham Public Schools will provide a selection of activities to support a given theme. These activities vary and are available for all grade levels (K-12), so choose the ones you think best fit for your family!

We hope you have a great day of learning!